VALORANT player snags Operator ace with 2 no-scopes and a wall bang

This player knows how to use and abuse the Op.

Image via Riot Games

A casual VALORANT player has added quite a beautiful play with the Operator to their own highlight reel.

The player’s team was in a four-vs-five situation on the attacking side of Ascent when he began to shine. First, Onid23 hit a difficult flick on a player in mid to equalize the life count. Then he proceeded to nail a wall bang while his teammates were entering the B bombsite. Onid23 decided the round on his own with two short-distance no-scopes in a row and an easy frag on the last defender rotating. He did all that with Phoenix, an agent that Op users don’t always use since there are better-suited options like Jett.

The clip shows how powerful the Op can be if the player knows their angles and understand how the mechanics work. The flick on the first player he killed basically comes down to muscle memory and he knows that he has to be standing still to be able to hit no-scopes with the big gun.

But according to Onid23, he’s not a regular Op user. “Usually I never play OP,” he said in the Reddit post. “Picked it up from my mate and tried my luck.”

He also gave some tips to a beginner player who’s looking to improve: “Play a lot. Get down the basic mechanics. Practice arena and a lot of Deathmatch, even if it sucks sometimes. Don’t let your ego ruin your progress.”

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