VALORANT player shows proof that Omen’s teleport ability is broken

This bug could cost you a round or two.

Image via Riot Games

Omen can be one of the most impactful agents in VALORANT due to the amount of utility he brings to almost any team composition. But a new glitch has appeared that’s apparently broken one of his signature abilities.

A Reddit user named Goldentoasti posted a video to show that Omen’s Shrouded Step is bugged. Based on the footage, Omen can teleport to a specific spot but the ability’s marker can change location sporadically when activating it. As a result, players will end up in a slightly different position than intended.

Now, the small change in location might seem harmless to some, but this can be a round or game-changing bug depending on the situation. An Omen player, for example, might need to be extremely precise with the teleport to avoid being detected by an enemy or to place themselves into cover during a firefight. This glitch could get the Omen player killed in key moments, leaving the rest of their team to fend for themselves.

Some users think that Riot Games accidentally broke Shrouded Step after trying to patch a bug that allowed Sage and Omen to break out of certain maps with a combo of her Ice Wall and his teleport. But now, players likely just hope that the devs can quickly implement a fix.

Riot hasn’t acknowledged the bugged teleport yet, but it shouldn’t take too long before the developer team takes action. Players might need to wait for the next patch, however, so it may be best if any Omen enthusiasts avoid using him in games for now.

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