VALORANT player shows off technique to increase knife speed

Using animation cancelling those Sage walls can be beaten down in seconds.

Image via Riot Games

Knifing can be an extremely useful tool in VALORANT for breaking down destroyable structures and, of course, taking out enemies. But using this tool is often a slow and tedious task that can leave you open to being attacked.

One VALORANT player has shared a technique that can speed things up substantially for players by pairing their knife with the Spike.

In the clip shared this method of knifing can be seen on display and it is noticeably faster. The method for doing this is very simple and only requires you to have the Spike in your inventory and be on a site.

If you’ve got the spike, all you need to do is the knife. Press the plant button as soon as your knife animation inflicts damage to its target, which is less than a second. Each time you press the Spike, you’ll reset your knife animation and be able to use it again without needing to sit through its full motion.

As one commenter pointed out, this method was also used for weapon drawing to reset the animation but may have been patched out since. Likewise, this latest demonstration of how the method can be used to drastically increase knifing speed will likely lead to the team patching it out in the near future.

While this isn’t going to be the most useful tip you see, if you’re stuck behind a Sage wall and looking for a fast way to take it out then this could come in handy.