VALORANT player showcases Raze “god-nades” on Bind that can kill a planter on the opposite site


Image via Riot Games

Raze mains, get that throwing arm ready.

A VALORANT player showed off a few stellar grenades on Bind that will “blow your mind,” posting the tutorial last night. These line ups are great ways to attack a point, set up a push, kill a planter, or retake a site.

One of the more useful grenades allows Raze players to kill an enemy who’s planting on A site’s default—and you can do it from across the map. The savvy player suggests standing on the metallic structure in the middle of B site and looking toward A. Players then throw a Blast Pack at the edge of the structure to propel themselves forward while throwing the grenade, placing your cursor at a specific point in the air.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Three clusters from a perfectly executed grenade will fall in great spots to stop a push, landing on default, in front of U-hall, and on crates. The player even showed footage from an actual game and was able to take out enemies from across the map.

There are several other “god-nades,” including one that goes from A site to B to stop the opposing team from pushing onto the site. And another can clear the B site when attacking, helping your team isolate an enemy’s position.

While these grenades can certainly be useful, they’re also risky. Not executing them perfectly can be a waste of an ability. And because they’re situational, they need to be used at the precise time.