VALORANT players report issues with the game’s voice chat system

Players have reported a wide range of issues.

Image via Riot Games

A new VALORANT bug is causing players to hear their teammates without pressing the push-to-talk key. Other players have reported hearing players while in the queue for a match, and others can still hear teammates at the main menu. 

Talking to your teammates is a critical aspect of the VALORANT experience. Working together is almost required to win, and good communication is vital. But the new bug is causing players to hear their teammates when it’s not needed or when they are no longer in the match. 

One player claims they heard their teammate from a match after the game ended. They thought the issue would be resolved the next time they played, but they continued to hear a random player the next time they logged in. 

Another player explained how everyone in their lobby could be heard even when they did not press the push-to-talk-key. This can lead to awkward situations as players will hear everything their teammates say unintentionally. Some have also heard random players from other games while they were in a different match. 

It is unclear what causes this bug, but it is currently a significant problem for VALORANT players. Hearing your teammates without their knowledge is not only distracting but a slight breach of privacy. Players will often talk to others in their household while muted, and this is not always information they want to share publicly. Players may also be heard in another player’s main menu with no indication that a random person is listening to their conversation. 

Some players claim restarting your PC fixes the issue, but all players should be aware of this problem until Riot Games resolves it.