VALORANT player makes waves with water-based agent concept

Fans are just as creative as the developers.

Image via Riot Games

A VALORANT player shared their concept for a new agent with water-based abilities that could potentially cause a splash. 

New VALORANT agents are always exciting since they shake up the meta and give players a new character to use. Riot Games has added several new agents throughout the last year and a half, but some players have taken the matter into their own hands, creating exciting agent concepts. 

Concept artist Sean Budanio design a new agent named Finn who has several water-based powers that make them an effective duelist. Their C ability is called Wave Rider and allows them to activate a controllable wave that can block enemy vision. Finn can also ride the wave with a board, although they’ll have reduced accuracy. 

The Blow Fish ability activates a fish buddy that swims in a circle until it locks on to an enemy. It slows and damages them after exploding, helping soften them up with ease. The Burst Bubble ability allows players to throw a slow-moving water bubble that pops when it hits a solid surface and slows nearby enemies. Finally, Finn’s ultimate ability is called Scuba Surge and allows players to throw an orb of “condensed water energy.” The summons waves in a large radius, causing nearby enemies to move with the wave’s current. 

The new agent is a fan-developed concept, and it is unlikely that Finn will appear in VALORANT. But Riot might notice the interesting character and use it as inspiration for a future agent.