VALORANT player highlights useful vantage point on Split with Jett and Raze

Only specific agents can reach this elevated position.

Image via Riot Games

A VALORANT player highlighted an area above A site on the map Split, which certain agents can use as a vantage point. Jett and Raze players can use their abilities to reach the elevated area to cover multiple bombsite entrances. 

The player explained how to reach the spot with Raze and Jett in a short video using their various abilities. Players can use Jett’s Updraft and Tailwind abilities to reach the location from Heaven or through the spawn connector below the secret spot. Each method does take a bit of practice, so do not get discouraged if you fall the first few times. 

Raze players can use the Blast Pack to launch themselves into the position, but this method is also slightly tricky. The spot does provide sightlines into multiple areas, making it worth learning how to reach it consistently. 

Players can cover the site from this location or use it to prevent teams from attempting to retake the site after the spike has been planted. Raze can use her Showstopper ability to see into the defender’s spawn and eliminate players rotating through the area. Jett’s Blade Storm ability can also be used to cover the same location and to eliminate unsuspecting players. 

There is also glass in this area that players can shoot through, which provides a line of sight towards the spawn area. Most players do not check the glass when moving through this area, which means they will likely be an easy kill. 

It is unclear if this area was intended to be used by players and if it will eventually be removed. But it does provide an excellent vantage point currently, so make sure to use it before its gone.