VALORANT player highlights Omen one-way smokes on Ascent

Use these to your advantage.

Image via Riot Games

A VALORANT player recently explained how to create two one-way smokes on B site on Ascent to make it easier to hold the site. 

Omen’s smokes are an excellent way to cut off sightlines for the opposing team and make it challenging to push into areas. One-way smokes are an even better solution since they allow players to see their opponents while they themselves are obscured by the smoke. 

A streamer, TeetsTv, showed two easy one-way Omen smokes on B site on Ascent that can make it much harder for teams to retake the site. Most players will drop a normal smoke on both entrances to the site, but this doesn’t do much since enemies can flash or use other utilities to cover their entrance. But the one-way smokes allow players on the site to eliminate enemies with ease. 

The smokes are easy to recreate, too. Players just need to activate them slightly higher above each entrance. If done correctly, players will see their opponent’s legs without being exposed and can secure easy kills. Players can also track enemy movement to avoid any surprises from enemies creeping through the smoke. 

Smokes don’t block bullets, however, and enemies can return fire through the smoke even if they can’t see you. Bullets can also be traced through the smoke, making you an easier target. It’s best to use a Phantom when spamming through smoke since silenced bullets can’t be traced. 

All Omen players should consider these one-ways when defending or taking B site on Ascent to even the odds or at least stall teams. 

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