VALORANT player highlights Cypher one-way smokes on Icebox

Use these to your advantage.

Image via Riot Games

A VALORANT player discovered two one-way smokes on B Site on Icebox that can help defend the site. 

One-way smokes are an excellent way to cover an entrance and potentially kill unsuspecting enemies. If done correctly, the enemies can’t see you on their side of the smoke, but you can still see their legs or other parts of their bodies. Pushing into a one-way smoke is rarely a good idea and can completely derail an enemy push.

VALORANT player BreadedLemon uploaded a short clip yesterday showing how to create two one-way smokes on B Site on Icebox with Cypher’s Cyber Cage. The first cage must be placed on top of B Yellow, the large shipping container near B Main. The second cage goes on top of the elevated green container directly across from B Yellow. 

Players must stand in specific spots to get the smokes in the proper location, but these line-ups are relatively easy to recreate. If both cages are placed properly, they create a massive one-way smoke that covers the entrance from B Main. 

Other people mentioned that holding this angle is tough since players will typically smoke B site before advancing. But if a team doesn’t have a character with smokes or inadequately uses them, this setup can be devastating. 

Combining these smokes with Cypher’s Trapwires can make them even more effective and either force the enemy team to rotate or buy enough time for teammates to rotate to the site. 

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