VALORANT player highlights Astra smoke trick

Astra players should experiment with this tactic.

Image via Riot Games

A VALORANT player showed how to surprise enemies by using Astra’s Astral Form to conceal themselves in smokes.

Astra’s Astral Form allows players to place stars around the map that can be activated with one of her other abilities. One of the abilities is a smokescreen that protects a small area for a short period. 

A player figured out that placing smokes on top of various objects creates a smokescreen that fully covers Astra while she is in the Astral Form. Astra floats in the air while in Astral Form, and enemies cannot see her feet when the maneuver is done correctly. 

This tactic allows players to hide in the smoke and surprise enemies pushing a site or area. Players can surprise them and potentially change the outcome of the round since they won’t expect Astra to be floating in the smoke. 

The player uploaded a small clip showing the technique in action on almost every map and how it can help protect the spike or stop enemies from planting. The trick won’t work all the time, however, since players will eventually start checking the smoke. 

Some players suggested the trick will become useless after a few weeks, but it can still surprise enemies on occasion. It can also make opponents waste time by checking the smoke instead of immediately planting or defusing it. 

Astra is the newest controller in VALORANT and has the potential to change the meta. It’s unclear if she’ll overtake Omen as the most popular controller, but her ability kit has a lot of potential for tricky plays like this.

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