VALORANT player highlights a one-way smoke for Cypher on Icebox

Use this to your advantage.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players are still discovering ways to use their abilities to take or defend sites on Icebox, the latest map introduced to the game. One player, though, recently found an effective one-way smoke on B site by using Cypher’s Cyber Cage to help defenders when used correctly. 

A one-way smoke allows players to see enemies without risk since they can’t see them from their point of view. This will enable defenders to eliminate enemies with little trouble and is a useful strategy in most situations. 

Players have found one-way smokes by using Cypher’s Cyber Cage on most maps and a player highlighted a new spot where a one-way smoke can be created on B site. To create the one-way smoke, Cypher players must stand on the edge of the second-floor area in B site. From here, they need to throw the Cypher Cage between two storage crates on the opposite side of B Yellow. 

If done correctly, defenders should see enemies as they push toward the site while still being in cover. But enemies can shoot through the smoke, so be prepared for incoming fire. The one-way smoke won’t be enough to stop a full team and should be combined with Cypher’s other abilities to keep the enemies at bay. 

Icebox isn’t the most popular map in VALORANT due to its design. Some players like the new vertical elements, while others prefer the traditional layout of other maps. This one-way tactic should help ease some of the pressure when defending B site and players will likely continue to find useful spots like this around the map.