VALORANT player has one minute until his Wi-Fi cuts out, clinches game with second to spare


Image via Riot Games

Every player has been in a situation where they need to quickly finish their matchmaking game because something important has popped up. And while it’s frustrating, it’s often unavoidable.

Dimitri24, a VALORANT streamer, was in a situation exactly like that in a recent broadcast. While playing Viper on Icebox, the streamer was given 60 seconds before his Wi-Fi was due to shutdown. But despite the pressure, he somehow managed to clinch the map and finish off the game just in time.

When the one-minute countdown began, Dimitri and his team prepared themselves for the 26th round of Icebox. With a limited amount of time, it was only natural that the streamer would rush down his enemies—and he did just that. He went straight through mid and found the first enemy in their spawn. After taking them out and acknowledging that his opponents were pressing A, he joined the fray at the entrance to the site.

He then rapidly found another enemy, before entering the maze toward A site and finishing off another two, who were the last ones standing. No more than a second after winning the game, the stream went offline, judging by the screen that appeared at the end of the clip.

If there’s a lesson to be learned here, it’s to never give up, despite an unfavorable circumstance

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