VALORANT player glitches off the map using Omen teleport

Watch out for the Omen in the wall.

Image via Riot Games

Although VALORANT is massively popular, there’s no better proof that it’s still a work in progress than the experience one player posted about on YouTube today.

While playing with a group of friends, the player decided to use Omen’s teleport ability to surprise some enemies. But, to his surprise, instead of being teleported into the room he intended to travel to, he was teleported off of the map entirely.

With an abyss of blank color below him, the fan’s character could still see parts of the map on the upper half of his screen. As opposing players walked into the building one by one, he was able to take them out uncontested.

It appears as though the players couldn’t see him because of the glitch. The first few enemies walked into the room slowly without even identifying or shooting at him. Once he started to fire at enemies and take a few of them out, they began firing back in the direction they thought he was in—but he wasn’t taking any damage.

By the end of the 37-second clip, the player had four kills over the course of about 10 seconds, leaving his teammates excited but also requesting that he make sure to report the glitch.

“You’re glitched,” said one of his dead teammates who started spectating his perspective. “Yeah, I see that. Report it. That’s a free quadra(-kill).”

This isn’t the first incident of weird player placement recently in VALORANT. Earlier this week, a group of players experimenting with Jett’s jumping dash ability found out that you can use it to give teammates a slight boost if they jump off of a box. The inconsistency of the play and difficulty that the group had replicating it, though, suggested that maybe it isn’t intended.

As Riot continues to develop VALORANT over the course of the closed beta, these sorts of bugs are likely to be fixed. But until then, look out for the Omen in the wall.