VALORANT player gives faraway look at Astra’s Cosmic Divide

This is pretty neat.

Image via Riot Games

It’s not every day you get to see what VALOLRANT abilities look like from a bird’s-eye view, much less a satellite’s-eye view.

A Reddit user was curious about how Astra’s Cosmic Divide would look from very far away, so they devised a plan. They went to the training room, teleported to the other island, and placed down Astra’s ultimate on the first island. And what they created looks like a still straight out of a banner you’d get from the battle pass or a cinematic-style advertisement for the game.

It’s a neat visual and gives off the vibe that the island is being swallowed by the wall. It also brings the recent Marvel series WandaVision to mind.

Astra has been a strong agent since her release. Her ability to conjure smokes, pulls, and flashes almost at a moment’s notice is strong, as are the mental games you can play with her stars. She’s seen a ton of play in high-Elo ranked and we’re beginning to see her impact on the professional scene as well, particularly with how her gravity wells mesh with Sova’s shock darts.

Astra’s agent design is certainly distinctive. The addition of an astral projection of sorts with a top-down view is unique in terms of tactical shooters. It’ll take some time, though, to figure out how strong the combinations with other agents’ abilities will be—and that could determine if she’s a bit too strong. But as of right now, she seems to be in a fair spot.

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