VALORANT player gets stunning ace with the Shorty

One Shorty, Five Players.

Image via Riot Games

You’re trailing by 11 rounds in VALORANT and you’ve one round in the bag. Sides change and one of your teammates takes a Shorty, the cheapest weapon in the game, just to try it out. Your chat’s completely full of messages from the enemy asking you to surrender the match and go uninstall the game, the Shorty player aces the entire enemy team. Sounds like a fairytale, but something similar happened to one of the players in the VALORANT subreddit.

A video uploaded to Reddit shows an astonishing Shorty ace at the start of the first pistol round in the second half of a match. As Omen, the player smoked Ascent’s A Main. Two enemies pushed through it, and the agent secured both kills with crisp reflexes. Most players don’t opt for shields in pistol rounds and go with their preferred sidearms, which made it easy for the player to get two kills with two consecutive shots.

He got back on the site and reloaded his weapon to find another player pushing through his smoke, and shot the Shorty again to net another elimination. Normally, players would stop and wait for their team to collapse the enemy team from mid. The Omen player, however, realized his smoke could be used as a tool to catch enemy players by surprise.

He pushed through the smoke and got another kill on Sova, catching him off guard while camping the smoke. He backed inside his smoke and reloaded his weapon again. He got a hint on Killjoy’s position and the smoke disappeared at the perfect moment to give him a great shot at the final enemy.

Omen players are known to do sneaky plays around the map. Combine that tendency for stealth with near-deadly jumpscares, and you have a winner in your hands. The dark covers provide great smoke spots for the players, who can use them to ambush opponents or simply camp in them to catch unsuspecting enemies passing through.

The Shorty comes with the low price of 150 credits, but it offers little value in combat scenarios barring some rare occasions. Its only redeeming quality is it excels in close-range combat. The Shorty reloads after two shots, making it a terrible gun to use in protracted fights considering the need to reload would hinder the player’s ability to take out more enemies. 

The gun is usually paired with expensive weapon choices like the Operator to counter any short-range pushes. However, if the player gets enough time to reload between battles and gets to take firefights at their pace, it could be used to decimate enemies.

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