VALORANT player gets stuck in Haven’s curtains and is relegated to watching the flank

“Seems like the curtains are a little sticky.”

Image via Riot Games

Be careful where you use your Blast Pack.

A VALORANT player got stuck in the curtains recently added to Haven’s double doors. The video posted last night showed the hilarious interaction, which baffled the player and ultimately led to their death. Dot Esports attempted to replicate the bug but had no luck.

As the team was rushing mid doors, the player used Raze’s Blast Pack to try a surprise assault on the point. But the ability unintentionally launched the player into the curtains, where they’d remain like a fly caught in a spider’s web.

“What?” the player laughed. “How am I stuck?”

Despite the player’s shock, their teammates accepted the odd occurrence quickly.

“You’re staying there,” one commented.

“Watch our flank,” another said.

An enemy eventually saw the player floating in the air, taking them out from the garage window.

The curtains were added to mid doors in the latest VALORANT patch. Sage players could use their Barrier Orb on the doors and peek through a sliver at the top to pick off unsuspecting victims. The interaction was ultimately deemed unfair and curtains were added to prevent it from happening again. But getting stuck in them potentially poses another issue.