VALORANT player finds several hiding spots for Killjoy’s Swarm Grenades

Double check these spots before pushing into Hookah.

Image via Riot Games

A VALORANT player highlighted several spots where Killjoy’s Swarm Grenades can be completely hidden earlier today. Enemy players likely won’t notice the grenades and will take significant damage before reaching the bombsite. 

The player uploaded a clip explaining how the Swarm Grenades can be placed in certain objects in Hookah on Bind. Hookah connects to the B site and is one of the main routes attackers will take when pushing the site. Using various abilities and utility is common to prevent or slow a push through this area, but the hidden Swarm Grenades are hard to counter. 

Killjoy’s Grenades can be placed in various pillows and vases around the room and are either completely hidden or hard to see. Enemies won’t scour each corner of the room when pushing toward the B site since they’ll be worried about enemies watching the window. 

Players can activate the Swarm Grenades to surprise enemies and chip away at their health before they reach the site. They’ll rarely die from the damage, but they’ll be easier targets for defending players. The Swarm Grenades can also buy time for players rotating from the A site. 

The player also recommends placing Killjoy’s turret in the room to distract enemies, which further hides the Swarm Grenades. 

Most teams won’t fall for the hidden spots every round, but it can still ensure an easy early-round victory to shift the momentum. It’s unclear if these spots were intended by Riot Games, so don’t be surprised if they’re removed in a future update.