VALORANT player finds new Jett dash on Ascent

Surprise your enemy.

Image via Riot Games

Jett is one of the most mobile agents in VALORANT with her combination of dashes. As one of the original agents, players have had plenty of time to find every use for her kit in the game, but one player has found a brand-new dash at B site on Ascent.

In the clip, the player showcased his discovery which allows Jett to boost up to above the closable door from mid to B, allowing her to rain down her ultimate ability at enemies on the opposing side.

Pulling this off isn’t the easiest task and requires some clever positioning and some luck. The dash only really has two uses, and they are to either eliminate enemies taking out the closed-door, or to survey the area of approaching enemies.

Shortly after the clip was shared the player shared a YouTube link where they had found a slightly more effective way to pull off the dash, but its outcome is very similar.

While the new dash might be a fun thing to try and show off to your friends, it might not be the best idea to attempt during important matches like ranked play.

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