VALORANT player discovers wall bang spot on Split

Think twice before standing in front of this wall.

Image via Riot Games

A VALORANT player found a new spot where players can wall bang enemies in A main from B Link by shooting through a wall in Sewer.

A VALORANT player uploaded a short clip of an enemy agent killing them by firing through the wall in Sewers on Split. They were confused by the takedown since it’s an unusual and mostly unknown wall bang spot, so they jumped into a custom game to recreate the incident. 

They figured out that players in B Link can shoot through the wall in Sewer to hit players pushing towards A site through A main. At least one player will peak into the site from the A Main entrance, which lines up with the wall bang spot. If done correctly, B players can help defend A site without crossing the map. 

Teams will usually have at least one player watching the flank or fighting for mid control, so players won’t always be able to spam through the wall. If a squad is fully committed to A site and the B players can rotate quickly, however, they can help soften up or eliminate the enemy. 

Wall bangs are excellent ways to damage or kill enemies in VALORANT without risking too much exposition. Several spots across the maps can be useful in certain situations, but players aren’t always aware of all of them. This particular wall bang spot does not guarantee a kill, but firing a few shots when you know the enemy is in A main doesn’t hurt. 

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