VALORANT player discovers that Sage can revive herself

And she has a voice line for it, too.

Image via Riot Games

It appears Phoenix isn’t the only VALORANT agent who can bring themselves back to life.

A VALORANT player experimenting in the practice range found that Sage can revive herself, posting the interesting video last night.

To resurrect themselves, the player had to kill themselves first. By jumping from a high point, the player died to fall damage. After immediately respawning at the same high point, the player jumped and clicked their ultimate on Sage’s corpse.

The revive animation went through, resurrecting Sage at the point of her fallen body. And the agent’s voice actor even recorded a quote for the scenario.

“So that’s what it feels like,” Sage said.

It’s unclear why Riot decided to record a voice line for Sage resurrecting herself since the game only allows one of each agent per team.

One fan surmises that a potential “deathmatch mode” will allow multiple players to pick the same agent. Another believes that the voice line was added off the chance that another agent with a resurrect ability joins the VALORANT cast.

But the voice line could’ve simply been recorded in case a savvy fan was able to pull it off in the practice range.