VALORANT player discovers Omen bug that allows you to scale walls undetected on Split

Shoot your opponents from the shadows.

Screengrab via Riot Games

It seems like VALORANT’s Omen was unintentionally given a game-breaking ability.

One VALORANT player discovered a bug today that allows Omen to scale walls with invisible ropes on Split. Dot Esports’ attempt to reproduce the glitch yielded similar results.

To activate the bug, players need to start the Omen ultimate animation and then immediately click the action button (F) to attach to the rope. This way, players can transport anywhere on the map but still be connected to the ropes.

By teleporting to specific locations, like the corner of B Lobby or B Alley, players can climb the wall as if they’re still attached to the rope. But players who don’t hold the walk button will make a sound heard by everyone when climbing the rope.

This provides an ideal flank location when defending sites anywhere on the map. Enemy players are unlikely to check the upper edges of the map, especially when hearing Omen’s From the Shadows voice line. This can help the agent remain hidden and literally pick off unsuspecting opponents from the shadows.

It’s unclear if the bug is on Riot’s radar. But if it continues to adversely affect matchmaking, VALORANT devs will likely patch it out immediately.