VALORANT player creates app for setting up perfect Sova arrows

Bypass Sova's steep learning curve.

Image via Riot Games

Lining up the perfect smoke, flash, or arrow is no easy task in VALORANT. It requires a good amount of time and persistence. If you miss your mark by even a centimeter, you’re done for.

But now, a player has created an application to combat this scenario. 

This fan’s lightweight app is the perfect tool for Sova mains for the offensive and defensive sides on Bind, Haven, and Split. With just a few clicks, it gives players all they need to know for pulling off arrow spots.

Sova is one of the most underrated agents in VALORANT. He might not have the damage of Raze or the utility of Cypher, but he shouldn’t be underestimated. With the right amount of practice, particularly with his area-revealing Reacon Bolt, Sova players can quite easily carry in ranked. 

The app, created in the Python programming language, bypasses Sova’s steep learning curve. All players need to do is simply load up the app, choose a map, pick a spot, and follow the instructions. It comes with screengrabs and simple-to-read descriptions. 

The developer of the app’s next step is to expand the project to all agents in VALORANT, making it even easier for players to learn the game.

You can download the full app here