VALORANT player clutches one-vs-one by knocking enemy into Bind’s Teleporter with Raze Blast Pack


Image via Riot Games

While most Raze players might use Blast Packs to reposition themselves, one player took a different approach.

A VALORANT player pulled off a stellar play with Raze, posting a video on Reddit last night. And while most would expect a well-placed bullet to be the deciding factor, this clutch involved a Blast Pack and Bind’s Teleporter.

With an ally going down, the Raze player was left in a one-vs-two situation. Tasked with the objective of defusing the enemy Spike, the player quickly used their Ares to gun down the opponent holding U-Hall. At that point, the only thing standing between Raze and victory was a pesky Omen.

The enemy Omen was playing the Spike, only peeking to make sure Raze wasn’t defusing. The opposing controller then made a questionable decision to smoke themselves from A Short, limiting the information they could gather. Raze then blindly threw a Blast Pack into the smoke and reactivated it, knocking the enemy Omen into Bind’s Teleporter and giving the player an easy defuse.

The baffled Omen simply responded with an “OMG” in all chat.

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