VALORANT player avenges team with Sheriff ace

The Sheriff needs more love.

Image via Riot Games

A VALORANT player watched their entire team get killed by an Odin before answering back with a smooth ace with the Sheriff. 

The Sheriff is a powerful sidearm that can easily kill opponents with a well-placed headshot, but it’s also much more challenging to use than other options. The recoil makes it almost impossible to fire it rapidly, and the room for error is low. But it can also be devastating in the right hands if a player can hit their shots. 

VALORANT player YaYeet6 showed how powerful the Sheriff can be in a short clip. Their team tried to push the B site on Icebox but was immediately taken out by an enemy Viper with an Odin. The final player only had a Sheriff and a dream, which turned out to be enough. They started by killing the Viper that just took out their team before hitting a collateral on two players pushing their position. They immediately challenged another player pushing from the A site and killed the final enemy pushing from B, securing their reverse ace. 

The enemy team did many things wrong in this situation, like pushing the final player alone twice. But the player did show an impressive amount of skill with the Sheriff since they hit difficult shots and stayed calm under pressure. 

The Sheriff is often a bad choice for a sidearm if you can’t hit your shots, but we recommend buying it on the off chance you hit a clip like this.