VALORANT Patch 5.01 buffs Phoenix abilities and Yoru ultimate, improves smurf detection in NA region

Phoenix rising, finally.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT Patch 5.01 will introduce a handful of buffs to Phoenix’s ability kit, improve the duration of Yoru’s ultimate ability, and add new functionality to the smurf detection systems in North America.

The highlight of the latest update to the game is the long-awaited buffs to Phoenix, one of VALORANT‘s flashy duelists who has dramatically fallen out of favor in competitive and pro play over the past couple of acts. His flash, Curveball, now has a longer duration and a shorter windup time. Phoenix now also equips his weapon faster after bending his Blaze wall, and during his Run It Back ultimate, he respawns back at his marker with the amount of shields he had when he cast the ability.

Both Yoru and KAY/O received some updates as well. The duration of Yoru’s ultimate, Dimensional Drift, has improved from 10 seconds to 12, and the unequip time of the ability has been reduced as well. KAY/O’s FRAG/ment grenade radius has been reduced, but damage no longer needs a line of sight to be applied. Additionally, only allies will hear the full audio of KAY/O being revived while his ultimate is active.

In North America, a new addition to the smurf detection systems is being implemented as of July 11, which is “designed to make sure that new players…are matched up with players of the correct skill level, much faster than before.” If the new changes work in NA, they will be rolled out to all regions globally.

The 5.01 update also improves collision behavior when walking near players and fixed some performance/agent bugs. It’s unclear exactly when Patch 5.01 will go live.