VALORANT Patch 4.05 adds auto-generated crosshair codes

Trading crosshairs just got a lot easier.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players can now share and use crosshair settings with ease as Patch 4.05 introduces auto-generated crosshair codes that can be copied and pasted in-game. 

The crosshair is one of the most important settings in VALORANT that can significantly impact your experience and gameplay. Some players tediously fine-tune their crosshairs until they find the perfect settings. Sometimes other players already have the crosshair you want, although getting the exact settings is not always easy. Patch 4.05 removes this pain point as players can now auto-generate crosshair codes to share with their friends. 

Players can navigate to the Crosshair Tab and click on the arrow pointing up next to the Crosshair Profile option. This will auto-generate a code, which will be copied to your clipboard to share with friends or other players. To use a code, click the down arrow next to Crosshair Profile, paste or input a code, and press input. 

Patch 4.05 also introduces other significant changes, including a Brimstone nerf, Deterministic Map System in all regions, and small bug fixes. The Riot devs also confirmed they’re aware of bugs on Icebox and are planning on addressing them before the next patch. 

This new option should make it easy to copy crosshairs from professional players, friends, and anyone else with the crosshair you desire. According to Riot Games, Patch 4.05 is slightly delayed, but the new option should appear in-game soon. 


Jalen Lopez
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