Here are the VALORANT Patch 4.03 notes

Deathmatch received a much-needed update.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT Patch 4.03 is set to introduce significant changes to Deathmatch and Brimstone’s ultimate ability. The new patch will also fix a few bugs, improve AFK detection to avoid players from using exploits to farm XP, and introduce a new option for returning to the strongest weapon in your inventory. 

Patch 4.03 includes multiple updates for Brimstone’s ultimate. Brimstone’s ultimate ability now “properly blocks gameplay visibility while active,” and players can no longer see enemies on the mini-map through the ultimate. Abilities requiring a line of sight, like flashes and the recon pulses from Sova’s Recon Bolt, also no longer work through the ultimate. 

In addition, VALORANT players can enjoy significant updates to Deathmatch, making it a more viable option when warming up. “Dangerous” spawn points have been removed or relocated, and the spawn logic and placement has been improved to “favor respawn locations farther away from where you are defeated,” according to Riot. The respawn time has also been reduced from three seconds to one and a half seconds, allowing players to get into more gunfights with less downtime. An issue causing spawn logic to not work properly during the warm-up phase has been addressed, too. 

The AFK detection has been updated to help prevent players from “exploiting game modes to farm XP.” Fans can also expect a global invalidation performance update to help CPU-bound players see a 15-percent baseline performance increase. The developers believe this change will help a significant portion of players, but individual results “may vary.”

Patch 4.03 comes with a few quality-of-life improvements as well, including a new color for the tile used to display sprays in your collections since some sprays were close to the original color. The new color will make it easier to see how sprays will look in-game. 

A new option now allows players to “return to their strongest weapon when pressing the ‘Equip Last Used Item’ key when auto-equipping a weapon.” Players can turn this option on in the settings under Equipment. This change was introduced in Patch 4.02 but was unlisted in the patch notes. 

The latest patch also includes minor updates to VALORANT’s esports features and a few bug fixes. The bug allowing players to see in Viper’s ultimate without the nearsighted buff has been addressed, and Viper’s ultimate should now expand through doorways without issue.

Fans can see a full list of the bug fixes and known issues in the official patch notes. VALORANT Patch 4.03 is set to go live today.