Here are the VALORANT Patch 3.07 notes

Deathmatch just got a bit better.

VALORANT agents all posing together around the game's logo.
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VALORANT Patch 3.07 is set to join the game, and while it’s not as significant as Patch 3.06, it will still introduce a few interesting changes. Players will be able to “drop-in-drop-out” of VALORANT’s Deathmatch mode without penalty, Viper’s wall will apply instant decay to “high-flying” agents, and several issues causing the game to crash will be resolved. 

One of the biggest changes in Patch 3.07 is the removal of the penalty for leaving Deathmatch early. Many players use this mode to warm up before games and committing to a full match was detrimental in some cases. When Patch 3.07 goes live, players will be able to drop out of the mode without receiving a penalty, allowing them to jump in and out without committing to a full game. Players will only receive CP if they complete a full game. 

Viper and Jett will also receive minor updates in Patch 3.07. Viper’s wall will apply instant decay to agents traveling through the top part of the wall. Previously, agents like Jett and Raze that can reach the highest part of the wall wouldn’t always receive the same effect. Now, decay will instantly apply to all agents flying through the highest parts of the wall. 

The visual dissolving effects seen while inside Viper’s smoke will also be adjusted to match the visuals seen from outside the smoke. This should remove a peeker’s advantage from playing in the smoke. Jett’s Blade Storm kunai will recharge after killing training bots and defuse practice bots, allowing players to practice with the ability without issue. 

A new Raw Input Buffer setting is in beta and improves “performance of input processing,” resulting in performance improvement. This also allows for significant improvement when using an 8,000 Hz polling rate mouse. 

Players should experience fewer issues that caused VALORANT to crash since Patch 3.07 will introduce a “slew of fixes” for common crashes reported by players. The bug that caused the text cursor to relocate to the right when editing text in the Report a Player menu has been fixed. Teams will no longer receive the Team Ace award when it wasn’t earned by the team, meaning squads will need to actually work together in all instances to earn the reward. 

A complete list of changes can be found in the official Patch 3.07 notes.

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