VALORANT Deathmatch is now a ‘drop-in drop-out’ mode

This should help that pre-match warm-up.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT Patch 3.07 is relatively minor compared to Patch 3.06, but it does introduce a significant change to the Deathmatch mode. Players will now be able to join and leave Deathmatch games without receiving a penalty, making pre-match warm-ups slightly more convenient. 

VALORANT players typically warm up before jumping into a match, especially if they’re trying to climb the ranks. But VALORANT’s Deathmatch is one of the few options available and isn’t the most convenient way to prepare. Playing Deathmatch can feel like a chore, especially if you’re playing multiple matches consecutively. 

But Patch 3.07 introduces a new “drop-in drop-out” update and removes the penalty for leaving a Deathmatch early. Warming up with Deathmatch is no longer a commitment and players can leave the game whenever they’re ready. XP is only awarded to those who participate in a full match, so remember this before departing. 

This doesn’t answer all of the requests players have for Deathmatch, though. Some players still want a longer version for extended practice periods, as well as other options like headshots only or regaining health after a kill. Some players want custom Deathmatch maps for a better experience since the large maps can lead to constantly searching for an enemy. 

While VALORANT’s Deathmatch is far from perfect, this is a step in the right direction and a welcomed change. Patch 3.07 also updates Viper’s wall, ensuring “high flying” players still receive the decay debuff. In addition, it addresses several bugs that cause VALORANT to crash, making it a smoother experience. 

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