VALORANT leak suggests kill counters could be on the horizon

Your friends might be able to see how many kills you actually get.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players might see a kill counter skin upgrade in the future, allowing them to track how many enemies they’ve eliminated with their weapon. 

Skins in VALORANT are an excellent way to customize your loadout and gaming experience. There are dozens of VALORANT skins ranging from realistic designs to fantasy-inspired themes and concepts. There’s a skin line for almost every aesthetic, and every match is a new melting pot of cosmetics. 

Players might see a kill counter skin upgrade in the future, adding a new exciting spin on weapon skins, according to ValorLeaks. Kill counters are not a new concept and have been present in CS:GO for years. Call of Duty also dabbled with kill counters, and many players have appreciated seeing how many kills they’ve secured with a weapon. 

But this is the first time the concept would appear in VALORANT, and it adds another interesting twist to weapon skins. It’s unclear if this feature will only be available on certain skins or if players can upgrade their current skins with the counter. Most skins can be upgraded to add VFX and other exciting features, and the kill counter might be another upgradable level. 

Kill counters in VALORANT have not been confirmed, and players should consider it speculation at this point. But ValorLeaks has been a reputable source in the past, and the new future might appear sooner than you’d expect.