VALORANT fan recreates ‘Duality’ cinematic using only in-game footage—and it’s amazing

You can hardly tell the difference.

Image via Riot Games

A VALORANT fan painstakingly recreated the “Duality” cinematic shot for shot using only in-game footage and assets. 

VALORANT player darken uploaded a video showing the original “Duality” cinematic side-by-side with their in-game version. They recreated Killjoy running through B long on Bind as she attempts to defuse the Spike. Killjoy’s turret doesn’t follow her around in-game, but they placed the turret in a new spot to mimic the movement. They also recreated the ship that dropped off Viper and Phoenix by using Sova’s drone, which was more than effective. 

The in-game version mimics the characters talking to each other with head movements and aligns almost perfectly with the original cinematic audio. Phoenix’s abilities look just as good in-game as they did in the video and the intense standoff between the mirrored Phoenix and Earth-1 Phoenix was just as powerful. 

They even managed to recreate the final scene where mirrored Phoenix teleports back to his world and talks to Jett by using the in-game teleporters on Bind. The only glaring issue was the characters departing on the ship since the in-game character models simply ran into the sky. This was a hilarious substitution, however. 

Darken confirmed that it took two hours to recreate the “Duality” cinematic, which is a relatively short amount of time considering how well they recreated it. Other players enjoyed the creative final product and many fans will likely want to see darken remake more cinematics in the future. 

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