VALORANT fan recreates all 11 agents as Nintendo’s Kirby

And it's amazing.

Image via Riot Games

It’s time for the Riot Games and Nintendo crossover you’ve all been waiting for.

One VALORANT fan reenvisioned the tactical shooter’s cast as Kirby in a post last night, playing homage to the tiny pink elastic blob.

Image via u/DickManning

Ascent is the backdrop for all 11 Kirbys, who strike different poses, don different hairdos, and sport different attire.

Omen is a standout, given his typical blue hood and the only things peeking out are two glowing eyes. Brimstone Kirby rocks his wizened beard and orange beret, opening up his portable interface to call down smokes from the sky. Cypher rocks his white spy hat and wields an assault rifle, ready to strike down any threat. And Breach Kirby replaces the blob’s tiny nubs with robotic arms, throwing in the goatee for good measure.

While the majority of the agents maintain Kirby’s traditional pink hue, the Viper iteration plays off the character’s poison theme. Viper Kirby is green with yellow feet while wearing the gas mask and black hair bob.

The fan plans to make a Killjoy version as well when the new agent is released.

For VALORANT fans who want a closer look at the Kirby agents, the creator compiled all the stand-alone versions into a list.