VALORANT fan highlights which agents’ abilities are the most expensive, cheapest

Money talks.

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The economy in VALORANT is one of the most important aspects of the game, but one of the agents with a low win rate is the most expensive. 

Last night, a Redditor extracted the cost of the abilities for each agent in VALORANT, which revealed that Chamber has the most expensive kit, unsurprisingly. Sage is the second-most expensive agent in VALORANT with a total cost of 800 credits across the board. Astra is the cheapest agent in VALORANT with a 450 total credit cost, with her Stars recharging.

Chamber, although he has three core abilities to choose from, has nine purchasable abilities because of his Headhunter, which can hold eight bullets in total. His other abilities come in the form of a Trademark, which has one charge. 

Valorant Ability Costs Per Agent
Image via u/Meth_Busters

Chamber’s kit has been hit with multiple nerfs since his introduction to VALORANT in November 2021. Every ability has been nerfed since his release with the Headhunter, and despite it being the most expensive ability to max out, there’s little to differentiate it from the Sheriff at 800 credits. 

Chamber has plummeted in win rate since his drastic nerfs in Patch 5.12. At the time of publication, he has a 48.2 percent win rate, according to, one of the lowest in the game. Only four agents have lower win rates than Chamber: Neon, Yoru, KAY/O, and Harbor. 

Sage, on the other hand, is the second most expensive agent with three abilities and a total cost of 800 credits. Her two slow orbs paired with the wall and a rechargeable heal ensured that Sage is a solid pick for most players. 

She’s one of the most popular agents in Ranked with an 11.3 percent pick rate, according to 


George Geddes
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