VALORANT fan discovers neat recoil trick

Calculated shots bring results.

Image via Riot Games

Recoil control and patterns are two important parts of every tactical shooter. Knowing how a gun behaves once fired can give you the edge over your enemies in VALORANT.

While most pros still manage to rapidly fire their weapons by clicking on their fire button at superhuman speeds, it may be hard to pull off in intense situations. One VALORANT fan recently shared a trick to help out everyone with “potato aim.”

Almost all weapons in VALORANT seem to have a certain recoil pattern and a height limit. Once a player practices enough, they can improve their shot and prevent themselves from drawing an enemy’s silhouette on the wall.

To test out this trick, you can navigate to the crosshair settings and turn up your “Outer Line Offset” to 40 alongside disabling movement and firing error. After firing six times, the rest of the shots seem to stay in line with the outer line you just enabled in the settings.

You can keep the firing behavior in mind or continue to play with the outer line to improve your aim. This is a simple trick that can be helpful both while spraying and praying or keeping your shot accurately lined up for headshots.

Though the technique heavily applies to the Phantom and Vandal, in particular, other weapons in the shop also show similar behaviors with different spraying patterns and accuracy. Be sure to hop into the practice mode and try this with your favorite weapons to stay one step ahead of your enemies in VALORANT.