VALORANT fan creates LFG tool that helps you find teammates for the ranked climb

Nobody should have to go at it alone.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players tired of hitting the ranked grind solo may finally have an alternative.

One VALORANT fan created a tool last night that helps players find a group for climbing the Competitive ladder. 

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“Whether you’re a player looking for a team, or a team looking for a player – this is the tool for you,” according to the website.

Players can create a listing using their region, rank, and the agents that they play. You can even add your Discord name, as well as a short description of your experience and preferences. Those looking for a group simply need to search by region, rank, and agents to find the ideal teammate.

Since VALORANT is in its closed beta, players may have friends without access to the game. Rather than hitting the climb alone, the tool can help you create a core group or find a few friends.

While the LFG tool only includes NA and EU for now, its creator plans on adding more regions in the future. Considering Riot added Brazil, Korea, and Latin America to the closed beta earlier this week, players from those regions may also want to find the perfect squad.

Because the system is in its infancy, it doesn’t have a lot of users at the moment. But as it gets more popular, it’ll help more solo players find a squad.