VALORANT fan creates hysterical meme song out of Jett’s voice lines: “You dashed in the wrong neighborhood”

Another one.

Image via Riot Games

“Two to the one to the one to the three. Oh my back hurts, everyone’s so heavy.”

A VALORANT fan used a tried-and-true meme to make a hilarious song using Jett’s voice lines, posting “You dashed in the wrong neighborhood” today. The composition edits the agent’s quips to perfectly rhyme, while also adding in some B-roll for flair.

“Damn, right, we’re crushing it,” the song goes. “Watch this, blocking sight. There you are, you little shit.”

And while some fans use the ending of the song as an opportunity for a hook, the creator decided to use Jett’s laughs for a melody.

This isn’t the first time fans have paired the song with voice lines to create a meme. Iterations of the song were already created for Brimstone and Cypher, similarly using quotes as lyrics. The meme goes even further back, though, since songs for Overwatch’s Widowmaker, Tracer, and Sombra were also composed.

Fans appear to be enjoying these creations, asking for songs to be created for the rest of VALORANT’s agents. With seven more characters to go, creators should have plenty of material to keep the masses happy.