VALORANT error code 29, 43 explained

Really, don't panic.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT is riddled with error codes due to the size and scale of the game. But two of the more uncommon ones you might see along the way are error codes 29 and 43.

If these error messages ever pop up in your games or appear when loading, it should look something like this:

If you see this, though, there’s no reason to panic. It mostly has something to do with Riot Games and the servers being at fault or the game could be under some kind of maintenance. There isn’t that much you can actually do other than wait for it to pass.

Some users have been able to get past the Error Code 29 issue, however, by running the game as administrator though that does not seem to have worked for everyone, so be wary.

Ideally, you should keep an eye on the VALORANT server status or on VALORANT’s official Twitter if you’re having a problem with the game. You could also check Reddit to see if other players are having similar issues. These error codes are relatively uncommon, but when they appear, they usually affect a lot of people.

These error codes aren’t anything special, though, and can also appear as a multitude of other numbers depending on the region you’re in and the reason behind the servers being down.