VALORANT devs hint at team ranked mode potentially being added in 2021

We could be seeing the addition of the long-awaited game mode next year.

Image via Riot Games

If you and your friends have been looking for a way to show off your strength as a team in VALORANT, then get excited for next year. In a recent end-of-year developer’s post, Riot’s competitive dev team hinted at the addition of a team-based game mode coming next year.

The developers said the player base has given a ton of useful feedback that they’ve used over the past months to shape a product that people will enjoy playing. This feedback led to multiple updates to VALORANT and its various systems.

Matchmaking, MMR systems, match balance, and server changes were all well-received, but there’s one thing that’s still missing from the game: a team ranked game mode.

“Next year, it’s going to be about making some larger changes to our core ranked system so that players have an opportunity to prove if they are the best of the best, earn cool rewards, and provide a better sense around your rank changes,” Riot said. “Gotta be coy here, but later next year, we plan to create a way to prove your skills and see how you stack up as a team.”

Many casual and pro players have been looking for separate ranked queues for VALORANT since the official release of the game. 100 Thieves star Hiko, for example, said in May that Riot should implement two different queues for ranked—one for solo and duo players and another for full teams.

This new queue would help alleviate the matchmaking problems that some people have experienced where solo players run into a premade group of five teammates. Matches like that are unbalanced since the premade will almost always have better communication and coordination than the five randoms.

It’s unclear exactly when Riot plans to add a team ranked mode to VALORANT.