VALORANT devs “have plans” to add notifications when a reported player gets punished

Thank you, Riot.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players will soon be in the loop on whether their reports were successful.

VALORANT programmer and anti-cheat lead Paul “Arkem” Chamberlain explained today that there’s a notification system in the works to let players know when reported offenders are punished.

Image via Riot Games

“I think it’s important for people to get feedback when their reports lead to a punishment being delivered,” Arkem commented on a Reddit post.

The dev said these notifications will pop up when reporting players for all kinds of “bad behaviors,” which also includes cheating.

Riot’s first title, League of Legends, already incorporates this feature. When a player you reported is punished, an “instant feedback report” pops up saying that a penalty was issued to the “unsportsmanlike player.”

But since this system is missing from the tactical shooter right now, players have no clue if the toxic or hacking offenders face any repercussions. This feature would certainly allow players to trust the report system more and feel accomplished in helping devs curb disruptive behavior.

It’s unclear when this feature will be added. But Riot outlined plans for disruptive behavior yesterday that should go live when VALORANT officially launches on June 2, which includes 72-hour chat or voice restrictions and improved automated analysis. Riot is also unleashing a widespread auto-ban system at launch to combat cheating.

It’s possible that the feedback report system may appear at launch in a couple of weeks.