VALORANT developers dominate top streamers shroud and Summit1g in exhibition match

They have a lot to learn.

Image via Riot Games

CS:GO players might have a slight advantage in VALORANT compared to gamers with experience in other games. But last night showed that top CS:GO players still can’t beat the people who made the game.

Last night, a slew of streamers represented by, including Summit1g, Fl0m, shroud, Dizzy, and Skadoodle, took a shot at competing in VALORANT against a group of the game’s developers—and the result was pure carnage.

While many viewers predicted a victory for the streamers before the games that were shoutcasted on Goldenboy’s personal Twitch channel, the devs showed everyone who runs the game with a decisive victory, winning a two-map sweep 13-3, 13-2.

Right before starting the competition, Summit1g was realistic about expectations for the streamer crew. Talking to all of his teammates, he explained what it was like when he did a similar event against Overwatch developers.

“If I learned anything from playing the Overwatch devs it’s that, every meta you can think of, they’ve had so much longer to think of any combination of abilities,” Summit said. “I think we’ll lose the Overwatch part of this.”

Not only did the developers have a stronger understanding of the character abilities and map designs, but they also proved that they have the aim and situational awareness to dominate a match.

With an abundance of CS:GO experience as well, Volcano, NTT, Penguin, Excal, and Nick Wu were able to show dominance in the first two rounds, winning each with three of their five players alive at the end of the rounds.

Top gamers like Summit and shroud might be able to dominate in the closed beta, but if you get access to VALORANT from watching Twitch, it might be more important for you to look out for developers like Volcano and NTT while streamers continue to learn some of the game’s nuances.