VALORANT bug allows players to get a Phantom with iron sights from the Range

VALORANT can be turned into Call of Duty with one simple trick.

Image via Marox777

VALORANT can be almost turned into Call of Duty by replicating this bug from the Spike plant exercise in the Range. 

Reddit user Marox777 posted a short clip of them using a rifle in the Range with iron sights as if it was something straight out of Call of Duty. The clip had users trying to figure out how such a bug could be replicated. A few days after the clip took over the VALORANT subreddit, Marox777 came back to give a step-by-step guide on how to use the bug in the Range. 

The glitched Phantom can be obtained by killing one of the bots that are active in the Spike Plant training. This training exercise can be accessed from the main practice screen or by taking the teleporter on the map. Once in the Range, the player will have to choose Yoru since his utility is important to replicate this bug properly.

After starting the Spike plant, the player will use Yoru’s ultimate to get onto the site without killing any enemy bots. From there, the player must plant the Spike in the front-right corner of the site and use Yoru’s teleport to make it into the shed with the Spike still visible. 

When the Spike gets planted, the player will use Yoru to teleport into the shed and wait for the bots to begin defusing. The bots can still be shot from that position and will drop their Phantoms, which can be picked up and used. These Phantoms look slightly different than the ones typically available and will have the player scope in first-person mode. There is little use for this bug outside of bringing some Call of Duty mechanics to VALORANT, but it can add some extra fun to anyone’s warmup.