VALORANT beta won’t have any more patches before June 2 launch

Fans shouldn't be too upset with new content incoming.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT gamers who have been thoroughly testing Riot Games’ new tactical shooter can expect the current iteration of the beta to be fairly close to what the officially-released product will be when the game drops on June 2

VALORANT executive producer Anna Donlon announced today that the developers won’t be releasing any new patches for the game’s closed beta due largely to how close the title is to its release date. 

“We will not be patching again before launch, since servers come down so soon,” Donlon said. “BUT, launch will contain fixes and improvements to many of the issues you’ve been reporting on, including hit registration feeling off, disabled blood & much more. Patch notes will be included.”

VALORANT has already made a huge impact on platforms like Twitch with viewership for the game breaking numerous records. Since the beta began in early April, players have found numerous interesting bugs that Riot has needed to address.

With characters that have extraordinary mobility abilities, like Omen and Jett, there have been numerous instances of players ending up stuck in walls or propped up into ceilings.

The game might be coming out of its beta in just a couple of weeks, but when the game launches, there will still be a lot of new content that may end up needing hotfixes and patch adjustments.

Along with adding a new map, Riot is poised to give VALORANT a new agent and a new game mode on release day.

While the approaching release of VALORANT is exciting for many, Riot will have its hands full in terms of managing potential bugs in a couple weeks.