A flash, a concussion, and a heal—VALORANT’s new agent Skye does it all in today’s teaser

The agent's release date is Oct. 27.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Riot gave VALORANT fans a preview of Skye today, a beast tamer that offers plenty of utility for her team to capitalize on.

Armed with a flash, concussion, heal, and plenty of scouting capability, the new agent is a Swiss Army knife that can potentially fit into any team comp. A VALORANT data miner leaked her potential abilities yesterday, giving a full description of her kit.

The gameplay shows Skye using animal figurines to cast her abilities, with the beasts coming to life to aid in the fight. One allows Skye to send out a tiger to scout, for example. The player takes control of the predator to look for enemies and can leap to bite a target to concuss them.

Another casts a hawk outward to fly across the map and it transforms into a bright flash that affects all who get caught in the blind. Skye also has an AoE heal, replenishing the health of all allies in range. But the agent doesn’t appear to be able to heal herself. And her ultimate fires three projectiles to track down the three closest enemies.

Though Skye’s kit initially looks overloaded (which it very well may be), she appears to have some clear counters. It seems like enemies can shoot her abilities after they’re cast, potentially nullifying the projectiles completely. And Skye is left vulnerable while casting abilities, like when she takes control of the tiger. This can give enemies an advantage by catching the agent off guard.

While VALORANT‘s Act III kicks off Oct. 13, Skye’s release will be held off until Oct. 27. This is likely to give the patch time to stabilize and let the devs fix any glaring issues.

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