Twin Hunters orb is set to join VALORANT game mode Spike Rush

The Twin Hunters orb will be truly feared by enemies.

Image via Riot Games

In the official patch notes of the 1.03 update, Riot Games revealed the addition of a new orb to Spike Rush.

The orbs are sometimes overlooked by players in Spike Rush despite offering significant advantages in the game. Orbs may become even scarier with Twin Hunters.

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The Twin Hunters orb releases two wolves that target the nearest enemies to slow and blind them for four seconds upon impact.

The wolves can be targeted and killed, having 150 hp, and will disappear after 15 seconds when not finding the target.

They don’t change targets after spawning, which means an Omen won’t be able to trigger a target transfer by using teleport, for example. Other information on their movement capacity have yet to be revealed, though.

The Spike Rush game mode counts eight different orbs. They are already very strong, especially the Crippling Decay which decreases the health of enemies by 90 percent for 7.5 seconds after a short warning.

Others can have more defensive functions, such as the healing orb, or can grant the ultimate and other equipment.

The Twin Hunters won’t be the most aggressive orb in the game mode, but it turn out to be very strong to secure a zone because it focuses two specific targets.

While the Deception Orb has a more of an instant effect, applying Paranoia to all enemies at once after a three-second delay, the Twin Hunters will chase enemies and make them runaway from their positions, ideal to provoke some confusion in enemy ranks before attacking a point.

In addition to this orb, Riot Games changed the location of Split mid’s Orb. It was moved onto mid platform “to make it slightly less defender favored.”

The official release date of the 1.03 update have yet to be revealed by Riot Games.