Turtle Brains disqualified for unauthorized communication during VCT Game Changers match

The team received messages from an outside source during a match.

Image via Riot Games

Team Turtle Brains have been disqualified from the VCT North American Game Changers event today for violating the rules by receiving unauthorized communication during a match against Team Invicta.

During the VALORANT match, one of the Turtle Brains players reportedly received messages from one of their coaches. The coach told the player to run a specific strategy, which worked in their favor the following round.

Players can only communicate with other players on their team and cannot receive help from external sources. Receiving the message from a coach violated these rules and resulted in Turtle Brains being disqualified.

Morgee, one of the Turtle Brains players, responded to the announcement saying they didn't do anything serious like stream sniping and that they were in the tournament for “fun and experience.” Morgee also explained the team did not receive a warning before the ban, but it's unclear if the rules require a warning to be issued.

VALORANT senior director of esports Whalen "Riot Magus" Rozelle stated he would pass the news along to the competitive operations team for further review.

Regardless of the team's intentions, the rules were still broken, and Turtle Brains will not compete in the remainder of the Game Changers event. Morgee claims the team will make an announcement addressing the situation when they’re ready.

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