TSM reportedly forming an academy VALORANT roster

Talented players might have another opportunity in the North American scene.

Screengrab via TSM

TSM is reportedly increasing its VALORANT presence with an academy roster, according to a report published by Upcomer today.

TSM has greenlit an academy roster after discussing it internally “for some time,” the report says. The organization has not announced any players in the new roster yet, but will likely start looking for talent soon. The initiative will provide another opportunity for rising talent in the North American scene.

TSM may not be the only team searching for new academy players, however. Other organizations like Cloud9 could also field an academic roster of their own, according to the report.

Academy rosters are a familiar concept in VALORANT. T1 already has an academy team, which may offer players the chance to make it onto an organization’s main lineup. Anthony “dawn” Hagopian formerly played for T1 academy before moving to the main team to replace Ha “Spyder” Jung-woo, who was benched due to health issues and is still recovering. 

Academy teams provide a stage for rising stars to showcase their talent, and academy players may receive a promotion to the main team. The new TSM academy roster could be a great resource to the main lineup and bring a fresh pool of new players for the team.

TSM has not officially confirmed its academy roster, but fans will likely learn more information soon. 

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