The Widejoy VALORANT player card will be fixed in Patch 4.01

So long, Widejoy.

Image via Riot Games

The popular Widejoy VALORANT player card will be fixed in Patch 4.01, meaning players have a limited time to enjoy the iconic card. 

Patch 4.0 is live across several regions, adding Neon, map changes, weapon changes, and other minor updates across the game. The official patch notes also include an update on the Widejoy player card, which will, unfortunately, be fixed in a future update. 

The Widejoy player card is a bug that causes a Killjoy player card to be stretched in-game, creating a lower quality although amusing player card. A bug prevented this card from having a wide version, so when the card is reverted to the original wide format, it’s transformed into a wide monstrosity. 

The Widejoy card was meant to be fixed in Patch 4.0, according to the developers in a recent livestream. This never happened, however, so the Widejoy card is still present in-game—but not for long. The official Patch 4.0 notes confirm the card will be fixed in Patch 4.01, despite the developers confirming their love for Widejoy. 

While many players will be disappointed to see Widejoy disappear, the developers could introduce a similar player card in the future.