Here are the VALORANT Patch 4.0 notes

Enjoy the weapon and map updates.

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Riot Games released the VALORANT patch 4.0 notes today, giving players their first look at map, weapon, and melee changes coming on Jan. 11. Fans can also expect to get their hands on Neon, the newest Duelist in VALORANT.

The most significant update in VALORANT’s Patch 4.0 is Neon, the new electric agent that can outmaneuver opponents easily. Neon is a Duelist with an impressive ability kit that’s perfect for players looking to start fights and move around the map quickly. 

Neon’s Fast Lane ability allows her to place two energy lines on the ground, creating a lane for her team to use for cover. Enemies can shoot through the walls, but they’ll take damage if they pass through them. 

Her Relay Bolt ability is an energy bolt that bounces once and electrifies the ground below each spot it lands. It also delivers a concussive blast to each area it hits, making it an excellent way to deal with hiding enemies before pushing into a site. 

Neon’s High Gear ability gives her a speed boost. Players can use the boost to move around quickly, and pressing the alt-fire button activates an electric slide. The slide resets every two kills, rewarding players that can consistently eliminate enemies. 

Neon’s Overdrive ultimate ability activates a lightning beam players can control that quickly eliminates enemies. The duration of the beam resets with each kill, and achieving a kill with it also resets the slide ability. 

Patch 4.0 also adds a few exciting weapon updates. The melee attack has been significantly improved and should be a more effective way to deal with enemies in close-range fights. The right-click’s hitbox is now 1.5 times larger, and the left-click’s hitbox is larger than the right-click hitbox. The left-click also has a slightly increased range, and targets near the center of the attack will be hit first, meaning players can still perform precise melee hits. Knifing walls also now have instant feedback as a bonus update. 

The Ares, Spectre, Guardian, and Bulldog also received updates. The Spectre was slightly nerfed to make it harder to spray down enemies at a distance, and players will have to control their spray more effectively at close range. The other three weapons all received minor buffs, making them better options in eco or save rounds. Players can find a detailed list of these changes in the official patch notes. 

Bind and Breeze also received facelifts in Patch 4.0. The boxes in A Main on Bind have been changed to prevent players from placing the notorious one-way smoke that was the bane of attackers. A new bench also adds a new way to peek into the site, giving attackers another option. 

Breeze received several changes around the map to make it a better experience for both teams. The width of the A Main entrance has been increased, preventing defenders from having to peak two positions at once. Two new crates have also been added to A Cave, giving attackers more cover when pushing the site. 

The back of A site has also been adjusted as the pool has been extended to the wall, and a new large yellow crate provides more cover for defenders. This should make it easier for defenders to stay safe and make retaking the site less stressful. The Spike can also be planted in the extended pool area. The door on A site can also no longer be reactivated until after it opens or closes. 

The curved wall in mid has been adjusted, which “simplifies the space and removes the extra pocket,” according to the 4.0 patch notes. B site received several updates, as the pillar in the center of the site has a new concrete block for added protection, and a new wall covers the back portion of the site. Crates have also been added to B Wall, providing extra protection for defenders near their spawn. 

VALORANT’s competitive playlist also received a significant update in Patch 4.0. Players must be at account level 20 before they can join the competitive queue, forcing new players to learn the ropes in casual modes. This prevents new players from negatively impacting their team’s competitive experience and prevents smurfs from jumping into games on new accounts. 

Patch 4.0 also fixed the issue where the Signature Kill Counter did not update visually. Esports coaches will no longer encounter issues when moving between targets with number keys or mouse clicks. 

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