The latest VALORANT map Fracture’s story elements will be updated each patch

More story hints are coming.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Fracture, the latest map introduced in VALORANT, contains story elements that will be updated with each new patch. 

VALORANT fans that are dying for lore elements hit the jackpot with Fracture. The latest map has interactive story elements that help flesh out the overall VALORANT storyline and specific events at the damaged Kingdom facility. 

Fracture is split in two by a massive fissure after the reactor exploded in the center of the map, but there is more to each side of the map than meets the eye. Each half of Fracture appears to be from a separate universe, or Earth-1 and its mirroverse. Alpha and Omega signs can be found around the map, further indicating that each section represents a different world. 

Riot Games also included interactable lore objects that further hint at the versions of Kingdom being aware of one another and possibly working together. These messages raised more questions than answers, but Riot Games will not leave players in the dark for long, however.

VALORANT’s creative director David Nottingham confirmed the story elements in fracture will be updated each patch, meaning the story will continue to unfold on the map. It is unclear if this means new interactable objects will appear or the messages will change. There is also an intractable object with an ID, which might open new areas of the map in later updates. 

It does mean that fans can expect more information about the VALORANT lore with each update and that they should keep their eyes open after every patch update.