T1 VALORANT suspends head coach for this weekend’s open qualifier

David won't be behind his players in their upcoming VCT matches.

Screengrab via T1 YouTube

T1 has suspended its VALORANT head coach David Denis ahead of the upcoming North America VCT open qualifier that will take place this weekend, the organization announced today.

The suspension comes two days after T1 was eliminated from the first NA VCT open qualifier of 2022 after Riot Games found evidence that T1’s coaching staff was communicating with players mid-match against TSM. This breaks VALORANT Global Competition Policy’s Rule 7.2.11, which says that any communication between players and non-players should only take place in tactical or technical pauses.

T1’s management says it reviewed the situation and regrets violating the rule. “As a company, T1 takes pride in fostering a culture of integrity in both our players and coaches,” the statement reads. Riot has allowed T1 to compete in the second NA VCT open qualifier and T1 will do so, but without David behind the players.

Joshua “steel” Nissan’s troops defeated TSM 2-0 in the open qualifier on Jan. 29, but the TSM players said during the match that they were playing at a disadvantage. One of their players, Yassine “Subroza” Taoufik, said T1’s coach was typing and probably talking to the T1 players mid-match.

Riot’s Competitive Operations team made T1 forfeit that victory after reviewing the case, which resulted in their elimination from the first VCT NA open qualifier of the year.

The second open qualifier of the 2022 NA VCT season will be played from Friday, Feb. 4 to Monday, Feb. 7. The tournament will feature 128 teams and will see only four book a spot in the $200,000 NA VCT Stage One Challengers event.